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Upcoming Events:

Annual Conference:

The ITEA is excited to announce our 7th annual conference. This year we are bringing more to the trucking industry with a live demonstration of a level one DOT inspection inside the Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles. Some of the other speakers will include the Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Illinois Secretary of State. Come and learn what's new in Illinois truck law and Illinois oversize overweight permitting.

Tickets are $75 each

Lunch will be included. Register Here

Basic Truck Enforcement Officer 


Hours: 40
Tuition: $295

Program Information:

This 40-hour class instructs police officers in the detection and investigation of truck law violations. Traditional training in this complicated specialty area of police work has been focused in the classroom with minimal field practice. The Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA) in collaboration with Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is committed to providing a cutting-edge training to give police officers the skills and knowledge necessary to perform comprehensive truck enforcement. Participants learn how to develop a successful truck enforcement program and discuss subjects as Commercial Driver's License (CDL) classifications, registration of trucks and trailers, Illinois overweight and oversize permit laws and Illinois safety inspection tests. Each block of classroom instruction will be reinforced by written quizzes and hands-on field practice that will progressively build on knowledge from earlier practicals.

Topics Include:

• Detecting overweight and oversize vehicles
• Proper weighing and measuring techniques
• Portable scale operation
• Legal issues and court testimony
• Correct citation and bonding practices


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Board of Directors

Executive Director

Brian Cluever


Marc Fisher


Jeff Moos


Chris Maxwell


Tom Hall


In the autumn of 2009, ten suburban-Chicago police officers who specialize in truck enforcement met together and began the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association. We all share a common vision to bring truck enforcement to a new level of professionalism. Listed below are the foundational statements we are building this organization on.

safe roads
| As police officers, our primary commitment is to protect the citizens we serve. The people in our communities have invested greatly in law enforcement and the highway infrastructure they depend on.

one voice | We believe a plurality of law enforcement voices speaking together as one voice prohibits personal opinions from claiming authority that does not truly represent all. Credibility and trust in truck enforcement officers begins where individuality ends.

partnership | Effective truck enforcement does not rest solely on the shoulders of the police, but depends upon cooperation with the trucking industry and the legal community. When all three professions partner together, fair and reasonable enforcement can happen.

uniformity | The laws that regulate trucking in Illinois are complicated and extensive, which leads to enforcement that is not uniform across local boundaries. It is our goal to create standards of practice that correctly interprets the law while providing a baseline for consistent enforcement across jurisdictions.

resource | The trucking industry is burdened by the need to work within the differing policies and procedures of hundreds of municipalities and counties throughout the State of Illinois. We seek to build a central resource point for the trucking industry to provide a database of information critical to their operations.

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